Log Burning Stoves

Installing a log burning or multi fuel stove into your home has so many advantages. Just chat to anyone who has one – they’ll never go back.

People love them for the following reasons:

  • To save you money on fuel costs. Depending on where you get your wood or fuel from, they can be much cheaper than conventional central heating. You also won’t have to worry so much about gas or electric prices rising in the future.
  • They’re a beautiful focal point of any home, adding personality and charm as well as keeping you warm. When was the last time you found yourself admiring someone’s radiator?
  • The price of the installation can easily be justified when you consider the value they add to your home if you decide to sell. Not only are you more likely to achieve a higher price, but your house will spend less time on the market by tugging on the emotional heartstrings of buyers, and standing out from the competition.
  • They’re far more efficient than an open fireplace, as the heat doesn’t go straight up the chimney. The chimney also doesn’t cause a draught when the stove isn’t in use.
  • They’re also much safer than a normal fireplace, because there’s no threat of sparks caused by spitting wood.
  • If there’s a power cut, you can still keep warm without relying on gas or electricity suppliers. This is one of the reasons log burning stoves are indispensable in rural areas.
  • Unwanted bills make for very satisfying fire lighters!

Should I get a wood burning or multi fuel stove?

Multi fuel stoves add extra flexibility over wood burning stoves.

You can use them to burn smokeless fuel. Depending on what is available in your area, this may make it cheaper to run than a wood burning stove.

If you need your stove to burn through the night, for example on a narrow boat, where the stove is the only form of heat, you may find it easier by using smokeless fuel instead of just wood.

Some areas, usually in large towns or cities, are smokeless zones. This means you can’t burn wood or coal, and have to use smokeless fuel.

The reason you can’t use an ordinary log burning stove is because a multi fuel stove has a grate inside, allowing air to circulate all around the fuel, which is essential for burning smokeless fuel.

However, wood burns best when air comes from above, so if you are planning on only burning wood, a dedicated log burning stove will be more efficient.

We stock a large selection of over 80 wood burning stoves from Stovax, Yeoman, Franco Belge, Broseley, Dovre, Jydepejsen, Merlin, so whatever stove is right for your home, we have got it in stock.

Not only that, but we stock all Docherty flue and accessories, and Stovax twin wall flues, so every aspect of your chimney and stove will be as safe and efficient as possible.

If you have any questions about log burning stoves, multi fuel stoves, or a quote for installation, please do not hesitate to contact us.